Have your very own sci-fi garden

Have your very own sci-fi garden


Sci-fi movies are all the rage these days. Ever since star wars there has always been a fondness for all things sci-fi and the marvel films have only increased the love and popularity for sci-fi films. There are so many new sci-fi influenced products in the market. This is a new product which is very unique Functional Millennium Falcon as a Potting Shed which has working control panels inside. It is excellent and looks just like a space ship. The team took a week to design and construct the shed. It is 9ft x 7ft so it can accommodate any person comfortably. Have your very own space ship in your garden. More info: waltons.co.uk (h/t: boredpanda)

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Potting Shed Ready For It’s First Adventure


Millennium Falcon Potting Shed In Progress


Before Adding The Styrene


Custom Paint And Bespoke Interior Cladding


Printed Control Panels And Custom Paint Work