Six Useful Tips To Make You Look Beautiful In Photos

Six Useful Tips To Make You Look Beautiful In Photos


The website link shown above offers some great tips for the people who offer their poses to the photographic images. Through this great link the Ohio based professional photographer Jodee Ball offers six useful tips for the posers to transform their images from the usual police-station lineups to the stylish magazine covers. He insists the posers to strike a free photo asking them to shake the gilt out of their shoulders. He suggests offering a pose by turning the body three quarters away from the camera lens. This will make the image to identify the photos away from the ones in the police line ups. Lowering the hands makes toe image to look beautiful and making a bend –knee enhances the image to look like a model. More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

Turn your body


Strike a carefree pose


Be careful with your hands


Lower your shoulders


Bend your knee


Tilt your head slightly